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Preparing to Get on a Airplane with a Baby

If you want to travel with your child, taking an airplane with a baby is actually a safer route for babies compared to traveling by land, if using a special baby seat. Before you take your baby on a plane, there are a number of things that need to be prepared and understood. Many assume that the baby's immune system is not strong enough, so traveling by plane will make the baby vulnerable to contracting the infection. But actually, viral and bacterial infections can occur anywhere, including at home though. In addition, turbulence in aircraft can also be overcome by special baby seats and the use of seat belts. Before traveling Carrying a baby on a plane is actually an activity that is classified as safe if properly prepared. Therefore, before traveling or ordering tickets, there are some things that should be realized and prepared. Pay attention to the baby's age. Each airline sets a minimum age for a baby to be able to fly, usually around 2-14 days after birth. There
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False Eyelashes, Beautiful But Risky

False eyelashes can enhance your eyes, but there is something to be aware of. Apparently some people have irritation from the adhesive on false eyelashes. Lentik whether or not eyelashes actually depend on genetic factors. Some people, especially women, work around this so that their lashes look more curved and bushy by using false eyelashes. However, if it is not used properly, this beautiful object can have a negative impact. Generally there are three types of false eyelashes based on the period of usage and the complexity of the installation. Temporary or temporary false eyelashes. Shaped strips that are attached to the eyelid using special glue. This type of false eyelashes can be removed with eye makeup remover and can be reused as long as they are cleaned and stored properly. Semi-permanent false eyelashes. Usually in the form of small ties in which one bunch consists of 4 strands of false eyelashes. This eyelash bond is attached to the original eyelash root using semi-perm

Effective Ways to Extend and Thicken Eyelashes

Curling eyelashes, long and thick are every woman's dream. Therefore, the eyes and face will look more attractive. Various methods are also carried out so that the eye framing eyelashes look charming and dramatic tapering, from the natural way of home care, the use of eyelash growers, the use of false eyelashes, to the latest beauty procedure trends. Eyelashes not only as a sweetener of the eyes and face, it also plays an important role in protecting the eyes from dirt, and acts as a sensor that warns the eye of the potential danger of an approaching object. The length and thickness of the eyelashes on each person is certainly different. Luckily for those who have long, curvy and thick eyelashes. Several conditions can affect the depletion of eyelashes. Like people who experience hair loss, inflammation of the eyelids and people who undergo chemotherapy will usually experience thinning eyelashes. Bad lifestyles such as lazy to clean eye makeup, and rubbing the area of ​​the eye

Want To Make Cosmetic Tattoos, Learn Its Safety

Cosmetic tattoos that use micropigmentation are now a trend in itself. Permanent makeup that is tattooed does save time, but the risks posed can be difficult to remove. Check out the explanation about cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup below. Permanent makeup on the face generally shaped tattooed lips and eyebrows. This tattoo makes you no longer need to bother re-polishing lipstick or flattening eyebrows every day. You can go to work, swim, and sleep with a smudge of lip and eyebrows. For people who experience eyebrow loss (alopecia) and lack of skin pigmentation (vitiligo), tattoos are also useful to disguise the condition of the disease. But know that all foreign objects attached to the skin and are permanent can pose risks. Cosmetic Tattoo Application Process The process of using lip and eyebrow tattoos is generally the same as tattoos on other body parts. The tattoo is applied with a needle that releases pigments or coloring agents on the skin or is called micropigmentatio

Do You Need Night Cream

Night cream is a cream that is specially formulated for use at night before we sleep. In the past, the world of beauty has always tried to make us believe that we need special products to treat and make our faces look younger. Are all the products and money we spend proven to stop the skin aging process? The process of skin aging is basically something that cannot be avoided. But it tends to occur more quickly in people with genetic congenital, often exposed to sunlight and pollution, also in smokers. The face does need to be treated, but does the right treatment require us to buy different types of products? For example night cream and day cream? This night cream is claimed to soften and soften the skin, remove blemishes on the face, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Night cream is also considered to make the skin feel supple, even the skin's color and texture, and even neutralize the effects of free radicals. Manufacturers of beauty products often even